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Alex Cullimore
‘When I first started Juliette’s yoga classes I was slightly sceptical about what I would be able to achieve from them, foolishly I believed the adage that if you are inflexible then “you won’t be able to do yoga”. Since attending Juliette’s fantastic lessons I can categorically say that this is untrue and that they offer something for everyone no matter what your starting ability or level may be.

Juliette is wonderful at making you feel that you can make progress and that yoga is indeed for everyone. Within the course of just over a year Juliette’s lessons have become an essential part of my week. As a busy and flustered mum of 5 I find they provide me with a perfect combination of physical challenge and mental relaxation. I genuinely feel that doing these classes has made me begin to discover a great deal about myself and has encouraged me onto exploring other forms of exercise that I would previously dismissed as something that I also wouldn’t be able to do. I know for a fact that I would not have had the confidence to do any of these things without Juliette’s positive, gentle and constant encouragement.

Essentially Juliette is a positive and powerful role model and teacher and I cannot recommend her classes enough. She will prove that you can indeed do yoga (even if you are, like me, a little inflexible!)’
Hatha Flow Yogi


Hannah Stocks
‘Having done yoga previously, but a little rusty, i wanted to experience a class which would offer a variety of postures and routines each session,  stimulating the mind and challenging the body each time.

with juliettes teaching, her classes can be filled with varying abilities with each one being catered for, nobody gets left behind or feels held back.

i feel enlightened after each session and her knowledge of the anatomy and ability to communicate with her students, leaves me feeling more in tune with my own body.

i always feel excited as to what she has in store for every class’.
Vinyasa Yogi


Yoga helps to keep me calm, happy and healthy. I enjoy making sequences with my friends and meditation helps me to relax.
Little Yogi


 Mike Barnett 

On the wrong day, I’m one of those people that somehow can’t remember my left from right , or even keep my balance for more than a few seconds. Touching my toes was also out of the question given the exercises I had done in the gym that had tightened my hamstrings.  For these reasons, I had my reservations about going to a yoga class where I was imagining I’d be the only guy in a room of very flexible women.

Despite my preconceived ideas about how it was going to be I still went along to one of Juliette’s classes and I’m so glad I did.  Juliette has a wonderful warm way of teaching that completely takes away any self derived pressure. She has a very soothing voice that makes following her instructions a pleasure as well as being an ease.  I’m definitely one of those people that wants to know ‘why ‘to everything, so the practise of Yoga for me becomes more focused if I understand the theory behind it too.;  Juliette has just the right balance with explaining things as we go along ,whilst letting the movements flow at the same time.

Before Yoga, I was at the gym lifting weights.  It’s important for me to feel physically fatigued after exercising, as it help me relax completely, Improving my posture was one of the main physical reasons for trying Yoga.  Never did I imagine getting the same feeling of physical exertion as I got at the gym with Yoga.  When Juliette says near the end of the class ‘It’s time for savasana’  (the relaxation part at the end), it could not have come sooner…and I feel I really deserve it!!

As much as I could go on about how great she is as teacher and how great the atmosphere is in her classes, nothing could be more a testimony to her than the fact I’ve been going for 8 months and have never missed a class.  If I’m doing Yoga that day, it is guaranteed to always end a happy satisfied day.

Hatha Yogi


 Kiera Darwin 

I love yoga because when I am feeling sad or tired, yoga helps me brighten up again and it makes my world a better place. Aswell as making me feel energetic, yoga also makes me feel calm and peaceful. When I come to yoga after school, Juliette makes every session fun and interesting. Every week is different and sometimes she gives out trophies or certificates as encouragement to her yogis. I just love it!!!


Little Yogi (aged 10)

 Om mani - no white