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Yoga Evolves

By Juliette | In Blog | on August 14, 2014

We are human beings not human doings.

Yoga is an anchor – an anchor into stillness. Yoga helps us to realise the ability to be here now – in the present moment. When we step on our mat we step out of clock time and into ourselves. When we practice, we notice the sense of inner peace yoga brings, we feel equilibrium even if we don’t know what that ‘feeling’ is; it’s the feeling that keeps bringing us back to class, it’s the feeling we know we need when we fall off kilter. Even if the allure of yoga as an exercise brought us to our first class…it won’t be this as our experience evolves.

Further down the path the reality becomes that this stillness can be accessed ‘on the go’, the mind and body can Drop In to the stillness and awareness that resides behind our life story. The ability to watch our lives like a movie where we realise we don’t really have problems or limitations; Our life stories may experience them but we don’t. We watch them from a place of awareness and all the ripples in our lives diminish in magnitude –  we still have ripples  of course – we just face them with a far more balanced view.

Early on in our path of yoga, we may find these thoughts on yoga hard to believe…it’s just movement after all?

But without getting into the science and philosophy here, the proof is in the pudding as they say, and we don’t have to look too far beyond Savasana to know that we don’t have to be great meditators sat upon the summit of a mountain, to gain a glimpse of the space that can be found amongst or beyond a busy mind. Yoga has many rungs upon its ladder, down low we may just scratch the surface of potential, but as we ascend we continuously polish the hidden gem inside ourselves.

Personally, at times, I’ve been my own worst enemy: too much busyness and a lack of my own practice brought me an over active mind and a life speed that  can only wear itself out. But I consider myself lucky; I can spot this energy on its way in before it makes itself comfortable – and if does slip past me from time to time, it doesn’t take long to restore the balance. This where I feel Yoga is a gift, a blessing; An insight into how to be on this Earth and to not be overwhelmed in the mayhem. What could be mayhem then becomes our playground and our yoga mat our sanctuary.